What to Wear with Chinos?

Chinos are practical and versatile trousers. But they are not created equal. They come in different types and colours, which add to their diversity and versatility. With such incredible trousers, sometimes finding what to wear with the trouser can be a challenge. This guide will look at the different things you can pair with your chinos, depending on the occasion and event.

What is a Chino?

Chinos are a blend of smart trousers made from more casual cotton twill. Chinos come in different designs for various occasions. More formal chinos include the Carabou Classic Chino Trousers and the Carabou Soft Chino Expand a Band Trousers. For a casual look, the combat Work chinos are an excellent choice offering extra storage to carry all your gadgets.

Besides the different types of chinos, chinos also come in different colours. With such diversity, it is easy to see why some people might struggle to find what to wear with their pair of chinos.


Pairing your Chinos with a t-shirt is the most classic and the easiest to achieve. You can pair your chinos with practically any colour of t-shirt with your chinos. The bowling polo shirt is a particularly neat option, especially if you’re looking for a  semi-formal appearance. For a laid back look, you can try pairing the chinos with the men’s cotton plain t-shirt.


T-shirts are a bare minimum when dressing up with chinos. Going for a casual shirt with your chinos is an excellent idea when you want to look more classy with a more sophisticated look. A buttoned-down men’s Aztec classic long-sleeved denim shirt will give you the perfect rugged and casual look. A moleskin windproof shirt on the hand will have a more formal and better put-together appearance.


Chinos, a t-shirt and a blazer, is a winning combination when you’re looking for a layered look that is not too aggressive and you can put together quickly. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a black blazer. Just make sure the blazer is a perfect fit, and you will have a stunning look.

Bomber jackets

Like chinos, bomber jackets are versatile and come in a range of designs and colours. Pairing your chinos with a bomber jacket calls for more caution because it is a sophisticated look. But you can’t go wrong with the Insight Men’s Classic Ma1 Flyer bomber jacket. The jacket come in a multitude of colours, making it easy to match or contrast with the colour of your chinos.


If it’s cold outside, you can go for a layered look highlighted by a trench coat. It still looks smart and sophisticated but will also keep you warm and toasty. Long coats are the best option in this case. They add a sense of depth and detail to your look. Should the weather change and it gets a little hot, you can easily remove the coat and remain with a lighter but still stunning look.