What To Wear with Check Trousers

Checked trousers are a must-have in every closet. They offer comfort and warmth over winter. Most of these trousers are made from twilled wool which gives you a bright appearance and a much-needed break from the formal and casual looks.

While plaid trousers look great, they pose a challenge when pairing. Without proper consideration, you could easily look like a golfer. In this guide, we will look at some of the best ways to pair check trousers for both a formal and casual look.

Formal Long Sleeve Shirt

When you’re uncertain about any outfit, the best and safest approach is to keep it simple. With fewer items, you can’t make many mistakes.

Pairing your check trousers with a long sleeve formal shirt is one of the safest and basic pairing, but it works. It’s even better if the colours are contrasting. Usually, dark coloured shirts are better. They break down the complexity of the trousers making it easier on the eyes. You can complete your simple look with a pair of black formal shoes for a classic appearance.

If you’re going for a more casual approach but still somewhat formal, you could also try pairing the trouser with a moleskin shirt. Try to go for neutral or subtle colours for a simple yet elegant look.

T-shirt with plaid trousers

This is a popular look among fashion freaks. It is particularly helpful if you want a dapper, casual outfit, you can try marrying these two together. The result is a simple, multi-functional outfit with unlimited options.

There are tonnes of t-shirts in the market that you can try out. The best thing about pairing check trousers with a t-shirt is that you have more colour variety. You don’t have to go for neutral or subtle colours. You can try out more vibrant colours as long as you pick the right trouser. Again, contrasting the colours is the safest bet. But if you’re ambitious, you can try blending the colours.

Blazer with checked trousers

 When the weather is chilly outside a shirt isn’t enough, you can go for a layered look by pairing the checked trousers with a blazer.

You will have to work with several colours, so tread cautiously but it’s not as complicated as it sounds. The shirt you choose can match the trouser or have similar colour but ultimately, you want the blazer to stand out so the contrast is your best bet.

If you have grey or light-coloured check trousers, a black blazer would be the best option. It will instantly upgrade your look while ensuring you’re comfortable and warm throughout the day. If you’re unsure of the colour combination, opt for black and white – you can never go wrong with these colours.

Denim jacket

Your wardrobe is never complete without a denim jacket. They seem to be an all-season kind of item and they never fade out of fashion. They are versatile, classy and very trendy. At first thought, a combination between check trousers and a denim jacket looks out of place. But with the right colours and the right denim jacket, you will be surprised at how stunning this pair looks together.

Both pieces are classic and timeless and this combination is almost impossible to mess up. If you’re not sure which denim jacket will work for you, you can try an Aztec Denim jacket. These come in a variety of finishes so you can find a colour that will blend well with the trouser.

Keep in mind that this is a layered look. You need to be cautious about the colour. You can have the shirt or t-shirt depending on the occasion match the trouser then the denim jacket can contrast. For example, you can have grey check trousers paired with a white shirt and blue denim jacket. The final look is simple, elegant and outstanding. It is also a nice combination if you’re not sure whether your day might end in the meeting.

Final Thoughts

When going through your wardrobe trying to find something to go with your check trousers don’t limit yourself. Most people lean towards a polo t-shirt, which is not bad but it gives you the golfer look. There is a bunch of other items you can try out. Just be cautious with the colours and keep them to a maximum of three to avoid overcrowding your outfit and looking too busy.