Should You Wear Socks to Bed

In the middle of winter, your feet feel like ice and it’s almost impossible to sleep without warming them up. Most people have a quick and simple fix to this, which is to wear socks while going to bed. But is wearing socks to bed healthy? Does it have any benefits or side effects, and are there any possible benefits?

Benefits of Sleeping with Socks On 

Wearing socks to bed will do more than just keep your feet warm when you go to bed. There are several extra benefits which include:

  • Prevent hot flashes – Wearing socks can help in cooling the core temperature of the body. This prevents hot flashes.
  • Improve cracked heels – Wearing cotton socks after moisturising can help protect the heels from drying out. Wearing socks after moisturising has also been found to improve feet softness.
  • Better orgasm – The benefits of wearing socks to bed stretch beyond your sleep patterns. It has also been discovered that wearing socks to bed can increase the ability to achieve orgasm by 30%.

Downsides of Wearing Socks to Bed

Although wearing socks to bed is beneficial, it is not without downsides, especially if you wear the wrong socks. Some of these concerns include:

  • Reduced blood circulation – Wearing the wrong type of socks to bed can decrease blood flow. This is common with constricting socks or those that have a tight band. It’s also important to get the right pair of socks if you have swollen legs. Extra-wide socks for swollen legs will ensure you keep your feet warm and enhance blood flow to your feet.  
  • Increased risk of infection – Another downside caused by wearing the wrong type of socks to bed is an increased risk of infection. When going to bed, it’s best to go for extra warm chunky thermal double heat insulated socks made from cotton for improved wicking and ensure your feet don’t just stay warm but also dry.
  • Discomfort – wearing socks to bed is supposed to make you feel comfortable enough to sleep. However, some types of socks can lead to discomfort and make it impossible for you to sleep. Should you choose to wear socks to bed, they should be comfortable and loose-fitting but not too loose that you lose them in the middle of the night.

Other Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm

Some people find it hard to sleep with socks on regardless of the benefits they have to offer. You have to find other means of keeping your legs warm while you sleep. There are several other tricks you can try:

  • Keeping your feet warm before bed will make it easier to fall asleep. Wearing super soft brushed warm bed socks before bedtime will get feet to the right temperature, making it easier to fall asleep when you go to bed.
  • You can also try massaging your feet with warm oil
  • Wash your feet with warm water, moisturise and slip into the blanket immediately.
  • If all else fails, use a hot water bottle to keep your feet warm, then remove it.