Inside Leg Measurement Guide

The inside leg measurement is one of the most critical factors to consider when buying trousers. This is more so the case if you like wearing cropped trousers. To find the right fit, you need to know more than the waist size.

While the waist size is important, you should know the inside length of the trouser to ensure the trouser is the right length. Most people most likely know their waist size but haven’t taken time to know their inside length. This is what we will help you determine in this guide.

Height Guide

Measure your height to determine your size

Short158 – 167 cm/5ft 1” to 5ft5”
Regular168 – 178 cm/5ft 7” to 5ft 10”
Tall180 – 188 cm/5ft 11” to 6ft 2”

Chest Guide

Please see the guide below on how to measure chest

Chest92 cm96 cm100 cm104 cm108 cm112 cm116 cm120 cm124 cm128 cm132 cm136 cm140 cm

Waist Guide

Please see the guide below on how to measure waist

Waist72 cm76 cm80 cm84 cm88 cm92 cm96 cm100 cm104 cm108 cm112 cm116 cm
Short Inseam74 cm74 cm74 cm74 cm74 cm74 cm74 cm74 cm74 cm74 cm74 cm74 cm
Regular Inseam79 cm79 cm79 cm79 cm79 cm79 cm79 cm79 cm79 cm79 cm79 cm79 cm
Tall Inseam84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm

Measuring inside length using your actual legs

There are two ways you can use to obtain your inside leg measurement. The first is by using your actual leg. This is perhaps the most accurate method. But you need to be cautious to ensure you get the right measurements.

You will need a tape measure for the measurement. Hold the tape measure flat. Be careful not to pull it too tightly otherwise, you will get the wrong reading and end up with longer than desired trousers.

If you can get a friend to help, the process is going to be much easier and more accurate than trying to reach down with the tape measure yourself.

Start the measurement from the crotch and measure downwards until you reach where you prefer your trousers to end. Ideally, this should be around the ankle bone.

Keep in mind that the trouser should hang a little lower than your actual crotch. If the measurement starts too high, the trouser will be too tight around the crotch which could be uncomfortable. Don’t settle for the first measurement. Take a second and third measurements just to be sure you didn’t make a mistake.

Once you have the measurement, you can compare it to an average trouser length chart. The standard length is 32” or 81cm. If you’re taller or you’ve got longer legs, 34” or 87cm might be a better fit. For shorter legs, 30” or 75cm will suffice.

Remembering these three standard lengths will help you if you ever find yourself buying a pair of trousers and you can’t recall your exact measurements.

How to Measure Inside Length Using a Pair of Trousers

The other way to measure your inside leg length is to measure the length of a pair of trousers you have that fits perfectly.

This method is perfect if you don’t have anyone to assist you with the measurement. But it only works if you already have a pair of perfectly-fitting trousers. This method will also help you choose the right length of trousers when ordering online.

When using this method, remember that the length will depend on the style of trousers. You should consider this when getting the measurement.

Just as measuring your own leg, start by finding the crotch seam on the trousers. This is where you start to measure. Work your way along this seam all the way down to the hem of the trousers. Don’t settle for one reading. You can repeat twice or thrice for the most accurate reading.

If the trouser you choose is a pair of cropped chinos, the leg length might be on the shorter end. If it’s baggy jeans, it could be longer especially if it stacks on your legs. Formal trousers tend to have a high waist and are tighter around the crotch. This could also mean the leg length will be longer than usual. Try to consider these factors when measuring the trouser.

The best method is to use your actual leg. This way, you don’t have to worry about the design of the trouser impacting the readings of the measurements. Just remember to keep your legs as straight as possible and don’t tag on the tape measure too hard to find the right reading.

Final Thoughts 

The inside leg measurement plays a critical role in the appearance of the trouser and how well it fits. This is mostly the case for cropped trousers. While your waist will remain constant unless there is a significant weight change, the length could change depending on the design of the trouser and if you grow a couple of inches taller.

Take time to find the right measurements. This will make the task of buying trousers in the future easier and more satisfactory.